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The Casparcg.config file might seem a bit daunting at first sight. It's were you configure and setup your CasparCG server. The file that comes included with CasparCG has a minimal configuration for one channel running in PAL (720p50 or 1080i50 in latest builds) with a screen consumer and system audio as the only configured outputs, it doesn't enable Decklink or other output options out of the box.


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  • A scheduled playout client for CasparCG. Folderplayout is based on hierarchical schedule. You can combine groups, folders, clips and live inputs and use dates, weeks, days and hours to schedule these. When nothing from the schedule is playing, an external input is played. For example an info channel.
  • Download File List - CasparCG: Pro Video & Graphics Play-Out #osdn.

The config file is formatted as XML, Extensible Markup Language (XML) which is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable. At the bottom of the file you'll find examples of all the options that are available to use. The examples are commented out, beginning with <-- and ending with -->. You can not use any of the examples by copy/pasting them further up in the file.

A valid config file must begin with <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>.

Next we have the first element <configuration>, that denotes the beginning of the configuration.

Configure the server by editing the self documented casparcg.config file in a text editor. Start the 'casparcg.exe' program. Connect to the Server from a client software, such as the 'CasparCG Client' which is available as a separate download.

The absolute bare minimum Casparcg.config file looks like this:

Let's look at a few key points about the structure of XML, beginning with examples of tags:

  • A start tag is like: <configuration>
  • An end tag is like: </configuration>
  • An empty-element tag is like: <controllers />

Tags markup elements. An element either begins with a start-tag and ends with a matching end-tag or consists only of an empty-element tag. The characters between the start-tag and end-tag, if any, are the element's value, and may contain markup, including other elements, which are called child elements.

An empty-element tag can be used if no options are to be supplied. Using <decklink /> would enable a Decklink consumer with default options which would be the same as having this:

In the example above you have one element (<decklink>) and six child elements (<device>, <embedded-audio> etc.).

Please note that some, but not all configurable options in the config file have defaults for when they are missing.

The example config with comments

Let's have a look at the example config as it was for CasparCG Server 2.2.0 (4784c04 on March 30th 2019).

In the example section you'll see values that are formatted like default [option1 option2 option3]. At the beginning you have the default for the option being set and the within the square brackets ([ ]) a list separated with pipes () of all the other possible options. Remember that values with square brackets or pipes are invalid!

Remember that everything beginning with <-- and ending with --> are comments.

Casparcg Client Manual New Famous Artists

Common examples of configuration options

Separeate key+fill etc......POINTS:A note about paths, how they are for Windows, network shares on Windows, and how they are on Linux

About a year ago Mediazone decided to move the CG SD workflow (Playbox Airbox+Titlebox) to HD. Unfortunately the cost of an HD CG solutions is extremely expensive and the ones that are affordable provide poor functionality. This is why we decided we switch to CasparCG (an open-source CG) which nowadays is an industry standard CG solution used by many broadcasters.

CasparCG consist of 2 entities:

  • CasparCG Server – P
  • CasparCG Client – C

For the needs of our TV studio we needed 2 machines (which must meet CasparCG minimum requirements). One for the Play-Out of content and the other one for Graphics (Fill+Key). CasparCG Server and Client can be installed on different machines for maximum reliability, but I chose to install them on the same one. First, our TV studio does not broadcast (it’s an educational TV studio) and second it will save us some space because we will only use one machine.

As for reference, our studio workflow is 1080i50 and we use the DataVideo SE-3000 vision mixer.

Play-Out Machine

Casparcg 2.3

This machine is used to Play-Out content using the official CasparCG Client. The client accept all popular formats. Make sure the videos meet your resolution and video format.

On this PC a Blackmagic Design Deckling Duo is installed. Only one SDI Out (Out A) is needed for this purpose. Bellow you can find the config file for the CasparCG Server.

Official CasparCG Client

Graphics Machine (Fill+Key)

This second machine is used to overly graphics on the Program Mix. Thus we need a card that can produce 2 in-sync outputs. Blackmagic Design Deckling 4K Extreme 6G is the right one for this purpose. Other cards can work as well, as long they can have 2 in-sync outputs.


Bellow you can find the config file for the CasparCG Server.

CasparCG client offer somes readymade templates which can be used or you can develop your own easily. CasparCG is offering the capability to overlay HTML templates. This makes the creation of graphics really easy since HTML 5 supports animation. Also, you can incorporate Javascript or PHP (or any web language) to change text and graphics. Of course you will need to develop your own client to interact with the graphics dynamically.


Below you can see an example of an HTML template I have developed.

Casparcg Client Manual New Famous Music

Lower Third

Mediazone Broadcast Engineer