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New speedometer 2007

Necessary information can be found in the readme file or in the walkthrough below the picture.

As soon as you download the speedometer, unzip it.
After that, install the SANY Builder and Cleo patch – the file (patch) install here C:Program FilesSanny Builde3data
Then place the speed.cs file into this folder: C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGta San AndreasCLEO And last but not least – place the SPEED.txd file into C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGta San Andreasmodelstxd
1) Upgraded speedometer

Thanks our reader Cech8 for a tip on this speedometer.
Where to get it

From here >>download - 72 Kb<<
How to install it into the game?
After activation [*] the sign ENABLED will show.
After downloading the file, run “saCamHack.exe” and then the GTA: SA itself. Keep the program SaCamHack running. Press * to activate the program during the game. And when you get in a car now, you’ll see the better speedometer and also the health of the car. However this program is primarily for changing view, so you can change your view by pressing [V].
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H ello sobat Nirwana Blog, kali ini saya mau posting Mod GTA: Sholat Mod Pack.Terdapat 2 mod dalam Sholat mod ini, yaitu Animasi Sholat dan tentunya Mod Masjid. CJ (Carl Johnson) yang aslinya membuat keributan, melakukan hal yang konyol, membuat rusuh, sekarang sudah tobat loh.


The speedometer is great, but I was having problems with it, but I’ve solved them! When I switch it off and press *, the sign “ENABLED” does show, but sometimes when I drive a vehicle, picture 1 shows on my monitor and CJ disappears. And sometimes the second picture shows up. But now I know what to do with it: once when I was in my Hydra, I had take-off set to SanDEL and land set to END and at the top of my screen PLAYER VISIBILITY FALSE or PLAYER VISIBILITY TRUE was still showing, and now when I press END, CJ disappears and when I press END it shows up. Sent by: Mskoulova.
GtaDownload Mod Sholat Di Gta Sa2) Older kinds of Speedometer
Where to get the Speedometer?

Download Mod Sholat Di Gta San

From here: >> download - 530 kB <<
How to install it into the game?

When you download the mode, copy the appropriate files to the place where you installed your game. In the picture, you can see that the main files are d3d9.dll and SpedSets.exe. Copy both of them into a root directory, exactly as in the picture.
If you don’t know where your game is installed, the default location is also indicated in the picture.

Download Mod Sholat Di Gta Saat

Run the program SpedSets.exe, which will allow you to set the following things.
1. If you don’t like Km/H, you can change it to MPH.
2. You can set where the speedometer appears. The best place is Bottom – Right, or where you like, or what you are used to from racing games.
When you have set everything you want, press SAVE SETTINGS and then EXIT. Then start the game and get on with the job.
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Download Mod Sholat Di Gta San Andreas

Download Mod Sholat Di Gta Samp

Sholat / Praying Animation Mod for GTA San Andreas
created by Yuniwii
This mod not compatible with Hot Coffee mod, or some sexy mod, so don't use those mods with my sholat mod, together.
Really, i am very serious about that ...
This mod have ability to cancel several activities with girl friends, like kissing, hot coffee, etc (i forget).
It's simply crash your game if you doing that activites while my custom script still exist in CLEO folder.
That's very rough old condition check that i used before. And i still try to fix it, but almost not possible right now.
My suggestion if you want to date your girlfriends in GTA,
and you afraid your game will crash, delete or move 'sholat1.cs' at CLEO folder, before you playing GTA.
And put again to CLEO folder, if you want do praying.
Off course, if you only play normal (roaming arround) or playing multiplayer with your friend, all will be okay,
for all GTA San Andreas (original, MTA, and modded versions).
You have been warned about this, so be carefull ...
This mod only custom script (.cs), so you can install this to every GTA San Andreas.
I already test it. This work good in original GTA, Snow Mod, Myriad Islands, and i believe all of GTA SA mod .
A. If you have CLEO library installed
Extract the zip files that you downloaded --> and go to step two.
1. If you already have CLEO library (cleo.asi, vorbisfile.dll, vorbishooked.dll), you don't need to put those files (in 'if you don't have cleo' folder) again, to GTA San Andreas folder. Just go to step two (2)
2. Add shalat.ifp (in 'add to gta3.img' folder) with your favorite imgtool (like IMG tool 2.0, Sparks 0.9, Alci's img editor, etc) to gta3.img
3. put sholat1.cs to CLEO folder.
4. Play the game
B. If you don't have CLEO library installed
Extract the zip files that you downloaded --> and go to step first (1).
1. A. You can download CLEO library from Sanny Builder website and install to your GTA San Andreas folder
B. You can use my CLEO library in folder 'if you don't have cleo'.
follow the steps :
Back up your vorbisdile.dll in your GTA San Andreas folder, and add three files from 'if you don't have cleo' folder
(cleo.asi, vorbisfile.dll, vorbishooked.dll) to GTA San Andreas folder.
Where is it ? The folder that you can found gta_sa.exe in it.
And you must create new folder, named CLEO in your GTA San Andreas folder.
2. Add shalat.ifp (in 'add to gta3.img' folder) with your favorite imgtool (like IMG tool 2.0, Sparks 0.9, Alci's img editor, etc) to gta3.img
3. put sholat1.cs to CLEO folder.
4. Play the game
YOU MUST TURN ON YOUR NUMLOCK KEY in your keyboards, if not, some animation won't work :
You must wait animation until done, and wait several moments to do again
1. Wudhu (Ablution) = press P + numlock 9 together
(this can be done anywhere, if you want to realistic effect, go to kran, wall, tree, etc, then press wudhu keys (P + numlock 9)
2. Sholat 1 Rakaat = press P + numlock 1 together
(This can make your enemy leaving you, but they maybe attack you again after several moments when sholat done)
3. Sholat 2 Rakaat = press P + numlock 2 together
4. Sholat 3 Rakaat = press P + numlock 3 together
5. Sholat 4 Rakaat = press P + numlock 4 together
(I just notice that the hand animation have minor bug, )
6. Sholat 2 Rakaat then pray = press P + J
7. Sholat in bikes (bicycle, bmx, motor cycle) = press P + numlock 5
(This not for joke. If you do some mission that will failed if you get out from vehicle, you can do praying in vehicle)
8. Sholat in cars, planes, helicopter, boats = press P + numlock 6
I create this mod to give something good in GTA (in my standar as a muslim), not to insult any religion, especially Islam.
This mod I share with you for several requests about sholat animation, so i hope you use it for good.
I put some protection in script file, so it can't decompile internally, that's mean i do not want you to edit the script.
But you can edit the animation in 3ds max, if you want to improve praying animations with your standar.
Seemann for his great tools
Download:GTA Sholat (Mod)
Password MediaFire