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Do you have a grandmother? Probably, you have even more than one, and hopefully they are tender and care for you very much. But not all grandmothers are nice and loving. If you want to get acquainted with a crazy granny, you may do it in the game, which has the corresponding name. This horror game has a lot of followers, and since the last update their number is constantly growing. If you want to be in trend, you should try the game, especially because developers have a lot of interesting things to show to you. Join the big audience and see whether you are able to survive in this horror.

There are two main characters. The first one is you, and the other one is Granny 2 part, which isn’t very hospitable. Your main goal except surviving is to find the way out from this terrible house, but this is a very difficult mission. You have five days to do it, and if you complete a task to complete a picture, you would be granted one more day. The game starts when you get up and find yourself in Granny’s house. It is petrifying and very quiet, and every your step will be echoed and may lead to your death. The owner of a house is very severe, and she will beat you for every sound. You need to visit every room, and only under this circumstance you can find the way-out.


Welcome to Granny: Chapter Two. Granny and Grandpa keeps you locked in his house this time. To survive You have to try to get out of his house, but be careful and quiet. Granny hears everything as usual. Grandpa doesn't hear very well but he hits hard. If you drop something on the floor, Granny hears it and comes running. You can hide in wardrobes or under beds. This update process is available beginning with software version 2.8. If you have a software version 2.7 or older, use the update process via boot menu. For more information, see update via boot menu. This topic describes how to update the grandMA2 console via the Setup.


While entering every room, you will find certain objects, and you need to pick them up. This would be various keys, hammer, pliers and cogwheels. They will be scattered all over the house, and you need to search for them carefully. Every tool will be useful, but you have to know the right time for it. If you pick up certain instrument, and you don’t need it at the moment, be ready to drop it. But you have to admit that when you put anything down, a loud sound is heard, and in this way Granny will know where you are located. There are sixteen rooms at the moment, and you should visit all of them and discover every mystery.

There are several modes where you can vary the difficulty. In easy and normal mode you can get a bonus day for completing a picture of Granny, and here your enemy is slow, and you have more chances to stay alive. Plus, the floor isn’t creaky, and this saves your life too. In hard and extreme modes Granny moves faster and there are additional locks on the main door. But the story becomes slightly different, when you change the mode, and objects never stay on their places. Come what may, but get out of this house as soon as possible, revealing all secrets of crazy granny.

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Massive update

grandMA2 has long been considered the reference in reliable feature-rich entertainment lighting control. Far from being complacent with this enviable reputation, MA Lighting continues to work closely with production industry professionals to build upon and refine the industry standard control platform. The latest version 3.2 software is a massive release and offers significant developments across many areas of the console, resulting in faster and more flexible programming.
The brand new Bitmap Fixture Engine is a radical new concept, allowing users to patch virtual fixtures comprising of a layout of real fixtures. Content and media server style effects can be applied across any parameter of these virtual Bitmap Fixtures. Standard Effects Engine features and playback priorities work in harmony with the results and offer un-paralleled creativity.
RDM bi-directional communication is now supported in version 3.2 when using MA DMX output hardware directly connected to fixtures. This allows configuration, status and monitoring of RDM compliant devices, with RDM information now being available throughout the console.
The grandMA2 console web-remote now includes a full range of remote access possibilities. Playback view, Executor sheet and Preset pool view are now accessible and fade, delay and output layers are included for all sheets. Network nodes can now also be accessed via web-remote allowing full remote configuration. Additionally, the MA Network Switch can now be managed from within the grandMA2 Setup/Network window.
The Update and Store functions now have independent option settings which refines the workflow when managing present content.
Internal timecode generators have been added to populate the multiple network-wide timecode slots and cues now have the additional option of being triggered directly by timecode.
The MA VPU (Video Processing Unit) has received some important new functionality. MA VPU is now a 64bit application which supports the Hap-Codec enabling use of content exceeding HD resolution and alpha channel transparency. Closer integration of MA VPU within the grandMA2 console software allows new smart dialogues for real-time content manipulation and MA VPU pixel mapping playback priorities are now resolved.
Hundreds of minor improvement requests have also been incorporated to improve the user workflow. For the comprehensive list of all new functions, please check out the release documents at

Grandma 2 On Pc Download

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