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The Open Circle is a non-sectarian community dedicated to supporting the practices of mindful and open-hearted awareness. We draw our inspiration from a variety of spiritual, religious, psychological, and scientific traditions which support direct experience, insight, and compassion, without belief systems.



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Sun Jan 27
A Bay Area therapist and the director of Moon Mountain Sangha, Dorothy was asked to teach by her own teacher, Adyashanti, after a series of realizations. With warmth, compassion and insight, Dorothy points to the
sheer mystery and awakeness that we truly already are, here and now.

St Marks Chapel 600 Colorado Ave, PaloAltoMAP

Sun Feb 3

Mon Feb 4

Issac Shapiro

Isaac visits us each winter to help us inquire into how we live our lives moment by moment, and how to better align ourselves with the deepest spiritual truths. He works through direct but good-humored questioning, reflecting back to us, and helping to unravel, the conditioning of the mind and the nervous system, allowing a deeper participation in the moment.
Feb 3
Berkeley Fellowship 1924 Cedar St. Berkeley MAP
Feb 4th
Calvary Pres Church, 1940 Virginia, Berkeley MAP

Mon Feb 4
The transcendental nature of Reality directly reveals itself as your experience every moment. Peter Brown shares a direct exploration of this fact and its nuances with humor, wit, and clarity, consonant with the essence of Dzogchen, Kashmir Shaivism, etc., revealing the actuality of Realization.
Room For Growth 9 Camp Evers Lane, Scotts ValleyMAP
Tue Feb 5
Pamela Wilson
In the lineage of Robert Adams and Papaji, Pamela evokes through dialogue and inquiry the qualities of unconditional love, openness, and radical acceptance like few other teachers. She meets with us regularly in Berkeley, San Rafael, and Palo Alto.
Falkirk Cultural Center. 1408 Mission Ave, San RafaelMAP
Sunday Feb 10

Pamela Wilson
This retreat is in a private home and is limited to 20 people
contact Greg at [email protected] for for registration and further information

Palo Alto

Tue Feb 19th
Richard Miller
Richard Miller is a Bay Area satsang teacher, therapist and creator of the acclaimed iRest® program, which provides effective tools for dealing with stress, trauma, anxiety and pain. A student of Advaita master Jean Klein, Richard combines elements of Kashmir Shaivism, Advaita, body awareness and psychotherapy in unique and powerful ways to help you recognize and live from your essential nature.
Falkirk Cultural Center. 1408 Mission Ave, San Rafael MAP
Feb 22-24
Scott Kiloby

Fri Mar 1

Pacific Cultural Center 1307 Seabright Ave, Santa Cruz MAP

Sat March 2
Berkeley daylong

Details to be announced

Tue March 5th

Falkirk Cultural Center. 1408 Mission Ave, San Rafael MAP
Mon March 11
Mokshananda is a spiritual teacher by the request of Adyashanti and Ken Wilbur. Mokshananda’s work includes 12 years with an ayahuascan shaman and 20 years with Gurumayi Chidvalasananda. He also practices as a clinical psychotherapist and is an advisor to the Baumann Institute.
Room For Growth 9 Camp Evers Lane, ScottsValleyMAP

Wed March 13th
Santa Cruz

Thurs Mar 14 7pm

Pacific Cultural Center 1307 Seabright Ave, SantaCruzMAP

Thurs Mar 14 7pm

Berkeley Fellowship 1924 Cedar St. BerkeleyMAP
Sunday Mar 17th

Non Dual Yoga
St Marks Chapel 600 Colorado Ave, PaloAltoMAP

March 25Elliot Cowan www.
Rudramandir 830 Bancroft Ave, BerkeleyMAP

Sat April 13th

co-hosted with
Bay Area Integral

Thomas Hubl
Berkeley Fellowship 1924 Cedar St. BerkeleyMAP

Mon April 15th
$10-20 Suggested Donation


In the last couple of years Rupert has become one of the most popular and sought-after teachers of non-dual wisdom, known for his crystal clear use of language, skillful guided enquiries, and direct pointing to aware presence—all delivered with warmth and wit! He is the author of Presence, Volumes I and II, and The Transparency of Things.
Pacific Cultural Center 1307 Seabright Ave, SantaCruzMAP

Tue April 16th
$20 Suggested Donation

Integral Awakening Center


San Francisco

April 18th


Berkeley Fellowship 1924 Cedar St. BerkeleyMAP

April 19th-26th

2 Day or 7 Day Retreat
Mercy Center, 2300 Adeline Drive, Burlingame, Ca
Register and More Info

May 3,4,

Sebastopol May 4,5th

May 7 San Rafeal
May 8 Palo Alto
May 9 Santa Cruz

7pm May 10
Weekend Intensive
May 11 & May 12

Matt Kahn


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