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  • Watch Naruto Shippuuden episode 404 Online Tenten's Troubles Tenten no Nayami テンテンの悩み Le tourment de Tenten: As the team prepares for dinner, Tenten pulls out a scroll that contains all the ingredients for okonomiyaki. Episode found on.
  • Naruto Shippuden 330 VOSTFR par Fansub-Resistance (848.480) - version MQ: 123.7 MiB: 2013-09-12 12:13: 0: 0: 0 Alm7ben Naruto Shippuden - 404 720pArabicBy-Subghost.mp4: 248.9 MiB: 2015-03-19 08:21: 0: 0: 0 Alm7ben Naruto Shippuden - 404 1080pArabicBy-Subghost.mp4: 497.5 MiB: 2015-03-19 08:57: 0: 0: 0 NIF Team Naruto Shippuden.
  • Naruto shippuden episode 406 sub english.

Title: Tenten’s Troubles

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Naruto Shippuuden Episode 404 Eng Sub Preview. Naruto Shippuden episode 419 English Sub Preview. Naruto Shippuden Episode.

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Naruto Shippuden ENGLISH SUB is out!!
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has anyone watched it yet? it came out on iTunes a week or so back. incase some people haven't, here's links to all 4 eps released:

Naruto Shippuden Full English Episodes

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Naruto English Dubbed Viz

Post your thoughts! whaddya think of the new dub? personally, sasuke's voice has matured a little bit.... naruto still sounds gay as always, and sakura has gotten pretty nice sounding too

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