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Modern DAW software has given us virtually unlimited possibilities for manipulating audio, but sacrifices the organic feel of faders and knobs at our fingertips. Reclaim that experience without losing the power of software with the expandable MCU Pro control surface. With simple USB plug-and-play setup with nearly any DAW, you will be mixing like a pro with real motorized touch-sensitive faders, buttons and assignable V-pots in no time.


The Ultimate Control for Your DAW

4x MACKIE CONTROL UNIVERSAL, MCU P&G FADER CAP, SLIDE POTENTIOMETER. Replacement ALPS fader for MACKIE MCU PRO and MCU XT. P & G Fader for Makie Control Universal. A-Plus Motorized Fader SL0015N-1W-8.2T-B10K-MD3 (w/o touch sensor) for Mackie.

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Visual Feedback

We equipped the Mackie Control Universal Pro with a generous two-line, 55-character backlit LCD to display parameters like track name, channel metering, I/O assignments, plug-ins, EQ, dynamics or anything our various software partners want you to see.


Channels, Faders and Banks

Equipped with nine 100mm motorized touch-sensitive faders from Alps® —one for each channel, plus a master fader and support for an unlimited number of banks. Each fader channel also has a V-Pot, surrounded by an LED collar to indicate the current value, and dedicated buttons for record ready, solo, mute, channel select, and signal present LED.


Software Friendly

While MCU Pro is compatible with all major music production software, it is also designed to specifically work with your application —just access your softwares parameters in the master section and you can get right down to action. We even supply pre-labeled Lexan overlays for popular applications.




The MCU XT Pro is an eight-channel control surface extension for MCU Pro. The XT Pro has all the channel strip features of the MCU Pro —without the master section. Depending on your music production software support, multiple Extender units can be used together with a MCU Pro to emulate a large-scale control surface.


NO more point and click

Used Mackie Control Universal Pro

With MCU Pro, you get deep, intuitive control of mix and plug-in parameters, real-time visual feedback and set up is plug-and-play —without any MIDI mapping whatsoever! Streamline mixing in your project studio or scale up with multiple MCU XTs to mix major projects. With the push of a button, writing automation on dozens of tracks in a large music project or even mixing for film and television is now effortless.


Software Bundles Included

Pro Tools First DAW

An industry standard for decades, Pro Tools First is easy enough for beginners yet sophisticated enough for experienced musicians. Get many of the same tools used by your favorite artists and recording studios. And now you can collaborate online with anyone, anywhere, and create at the speed of your imagination. Available for MacOS® and Windows® operating systems. Learn More

Musician Collection*

Mackie Exclusive

Mackie logic control

In addition to the powerful plug-ins within Pro Tools First, you get the exclusive Mackie Musician Collection featuring 23 fantastic plug-ins.

  • BBD Delay, Black Op Distortion, Black Shiny Wah, Black Spring Reverb, C1 Chorus, DC Distortion, Eleven Lite, Flanger, Graphic EQ, Gray Compressor, Green JRC Overdrive, In-Tune, Orange Phaser, Roto Speaker, Sci-Fi, Studio Reverb, Tape Echo, Tri Knob Fuzz, Vari-Fi, Vibe, Phaser, and White Boost

*Requires a new Pro Tools First subscription at no cost

Waveform oem™ DAW

Waveform OEM is a multi award-winning workstation, featuring powerful and creative tools to inspire the modern musician. Unlike typical ‘Lite’ versions, it does not impose any restrictions – you get unlimited track count, powerful features, compatibility with all popular plug-ins and efficient performance on MacOS®, Windows®, and Linux® operating systems. Learn More

DAW Essentials Collection™

Introducing a collection of 16 contemporary FX plug-ins for use with any DAW. These plug-ins utilize the very latest algorithms and coding techniques to deliver extraordinary sound quality in an extremely efficient package, allowing the plug-ins to be used liberally across a wide range of native computer systems. Learn More

  • Equaliser, Compressor, Reverber8, Delay Studio, Stereo Delay, Tape Delay, Crossover, Limiter, Gate / Expander, Ducker, Flanger, Crusher, Chorus, Bus Compressor, Phaser, and Auto Filter


Owners Manual

Quick Start Guide




Driver Install Instruction




Mackie Logic Control





With MCU Pro, you are fully tactile. Why not get tactical and comeplete your Mackie studio?

Mackie Control Universal Manual

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Studio Monitoring

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Studio Monitoring

Mackie Control Driver

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Mackie Control Universal

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